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Siedlisko Directors cut trailer

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Przesłany 02.11.2019 zgłoś naruszenie
Trailer of the upcoming alternative release Siedlisko movie with elements of horror cinema. This is the version of the films director, originally a movie it was to have a soundtrack composed of formations Deep-pression and its leader Rh-, this team created its own own niche, not only in ambient theology but creating their own style referred to by them as DeepCreep. Similarly with the filmmaking of director Lethargus, which I like like the founder of Deep-pression as well comes from Western Pomerania in Poland. Dark Off this film style that the director presents Lethargus is a similar equivalent to the work of Deep-pression and their leader, with the difference that in the world of film. Therefore, the band and its co-founder and director, they decided to restore life, the original idea, music and film. Bringing the project back to life, according to the original one assumptions that music and cinema should be perfect completed in a properly told story on the screen. The plot included in the production and perfectly complemented he builds tension with music, he talks about the mysterious a woman living on the periphery of civilization. Which, like many of us, struggles with fate, losing the fight with the approaching darkness and his terrifying servant. Production is also a shared vision, West Pomerania, this vision takes place somewhere in the wilderness of western Poland. More details of the forthcoming movie premiere, on the facebook profile of the band and the director. At this time, I invite you to familiarize yourself with the work of the band and the director, below the links and production description. movie reviews/recenzje filmu: title: Siedlisko directors cut tytuł: Siedlisko wersja reżyserska year of production/ rok produkcji: 2019 cast/obsada: Iwona Gasiul music/muzyka: Deep-pression and Rh- and one song Deus Piano Improv II by Mikołaj Tesla composers/kompozytorzy (Deep-pression and Rh-): Rh- M.v.K Grav Varngsinn Klat Ba Razor S. Letaliis A.O.SH. and/oraz Ky Dy additionally three songs from solo albums Rh- dodatkowo trzy utwory z solowych albumów Rh-/ tracks/ utwory: Oceanic, 1-I, and The Marsh which is also in the trailer/ który jest również w zwiastunie. Screenplay and direction as well as costume desing and stage design/ Scenariusz i reżyseria jak również desing kostiumów oraz scenografia: Lethargus camera, editing and post-production/ kamera, montaż i postprodukcja: Lethargus the film was mounted and released in/ film był montowany i wydany w: Dark Off Studio 2019 casting cast/casting obsady: Małgorzata Lacmańska nad TZN Szczecinek song publisher in the soundtrack/ wydawcy utworów w soundtracku: Singularity Publishing Valse Sinistre Productions Broken Tree Records Independent executive producer of the film/ producent wykonawczy filmu: Lethargusfilm 2019 band links/ linki zespołu: press/prasa: direktor links/ linki reżysera: press/prasa: